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It's TIme To Get Involved

We the People have come to a crossroads in this nation. We have self-serving politicians working in their own interest. The silent majority can no longer be silent. I urge every American to email their elected officials to voice their opinion on the different issues. On this site I will provide a list of all the emails for the Congress and Senate for your state as well as the particular bills that need to be addessed.

On this site I have my Blog linked under ther Blog tab where I dive in to the Major Issues. I try to explain my view as your average Conservative American Citizen. I do not classify myself with any party affiliation because I do not want to be limited on my opinion by the party platform. Both Republicans and Demcrats have major issues and are blinded by politics towhat this country really needs.

I also have a section dedicated to the State of Washington. This state was formerly a reasonable state to live in but now has become controlled by the radical left. It seems every year this state moves further and further left. Guns and taxes are the hot button issues that I will highlight on this site.

Major Issues